Our Rescue Fur Baby Family

If your home is anything like ours it is full of love and lots of fur! When we are not out exploring nature’s beauty you can find us playing or cuddling with our rescue cats and dog. Meet our family and learn more about why no-kill shelters are so important to us.

Our youngest (and biggest) rescue is Indiana Jones, or Indy as we call him. Indy was adopted from a shelter in Redlands, CA when Jeremy was living in San Diego. He found him online shortly after his first puppy had died from a birth defect and decided to make the drive to check out this cute pup. Indy was a wild one! He had been returned to the shelter twice before as he was so unruly. On the entire drive home from Redlands to San Diego Indy tried to jump out the window and attack every car driving by even though the windows were up. Jeremy was not so sure about Indy, but worked with him every day to tame his wild streak. Indy’s first trip to the beach turned out to be a blessing in disguise, he loved playing in the water and chasing his ball so much that he started to relax and calm down. He had realized he was finally with someone who loved him and wanted to take care of him and best of all give him lots of play time. Being a Border Collie / Australian Cattle Dog mix Indy needed a lot of play to release his pent-up energy, so from that point on Jeremy and Indy went everywhere together, hiking, camping, bike rides, swimming at the beach. You name it these two do it together and now Melissa is right there on every adventure as well. 


Our rescue pup Indy always shares the bed with us!

 Indy loves sleeping in!


Greenlee and Babe where adopted together in 2007. They were rescued from a farm in Wisconsin where they had nearly drowned in a lake along with their brothers and sisters. Luckily a neighbor saw what was happening and saved all the kittens. They were only three to five weeks old, much too young to be away from their mothers yet, but it was not possible for them to be together thanks to the bad person who tried to hurt them. When Melissa got the call about the kittens she knew she needed to adopt two of them so they would always have a friend.  Upon meeting, Babe chose Melissa, crawling up on her leg and sitting there while all the other kittens roamed around the room. Greenlee was picked because she was a couple weeks older and could help guide Babe who still could not eat on her own. Babe was fed with a dropper for about a week and luckily started eating on her own shortly after. Greenlee helped Babe learn how to use the litter box and always cuddled with her to keep her warm. Still to this day 10 years later Greenlee looks after Babe like a mother even though she is only about two weeks older!

Babe our youngest rescue cat

Babe loves to spend time in the backyard with the family.


Our rescue cat Greenlee via Davis Taylor Trading Company

Greenlee is always working on her sun tan in the backyard.


Maui is our oldest and was adopted in 2002 when Melissa was still in college. We drove down to San Ysidro, one stop away from the California/Mexico border to get her, took one look in to those ocean blue eyes and our hearts melted, we knew she was the one. As much as we love her, Maui has always been a little bit of a challenge. She can be moody, doesn’t always like to use her litter box, likes to claw the couch, and hides for hours anytime the doorbell rings. While many others would have dumped her at a shelter not wanting to deal with her drama, we just knew that staying with us was her only hope for having a good life. Despite her flaws she is a very loving cat and is a real mama’s girl. 

Update: It is with a heavy heart that I write this, Maui passed away on March 5, 2018. She had kidney failure and had been declining for some time. She will be missed immensely and life will never quite be the same with out her. We know your off somewhere playing like a kitten once again pretty girl.

Our rescue cat Maui loves napping on a Bohemian Fiesta Blanket - Davis Taylor Trading Co

 Maui enjoys curling up on a bohemian fiesta blanket for a nap.


Since 2016 this big happy family of rescue pets have all lived together under one roof. Maui and Greenlee where not so sure about Indy at first, but have come around and often nap on the couch together or use his paw as a back scratcher. Babe being a fearless little thing has been best buddies with Indy since day one and can often be found cuddled up together.   

We love our fur babies and wish we could have more, but know that four is already a massive undertaking, especially since we like to travel. Therefore, we have chosen to support no-kill animal shelters with a portion of the profits from Davis Taylor Trading Company. We want to give back and help more animals find a loving home just like our pets have. It is important to us to support no-kill shelters as we don’t want to support the killing of any healthy animals like some shelters do to make room for more. It breaks our hearts to see so many animals without a loving home and with your help we can help make a difference in the life of these precious creatures.

Until next time - peace, love, and happiness,

Melissa & Jeremy

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