Our Favorite Camping Hacks

It wouldn’t be summer without at least one camping trip. With thousands of campgrounds across the country, camping is the quintessential summer vacation that brings together families and creates memories that last a life time.

Camping has been one of our favorite past times since we were children, long before we started taking camping trips together. With so many years of camping experience under our belts we have learned a few tricks that make every camping trip a little bit more enjoyable and are sharing our favorite camping hacks here.


Easy Camp Eats

When it comes to cooking from the campsite we like to keep things easy. Utilizing recipes that require minimal prep time and clean up. There are tons of camping recipes on Pinterest that we mix in to the rotation every now and then, but you can’t go wrong with simple things like cooking sausages over the campfire and serving with a side of campfire potatoes, followed by smores for desert. Check out our go to campfire potatoes recipe and our simple two ingredient smores below.

Our go to camping recipe - Super Easy Campfire Potatoes - so yum and goes with everything!

Diced Potatoes (any variety we like red potatoes)

Diced Onion


Salt & Pepper

Place diced potatoes in the center of a large piece of aluminum foil, sprinkle diced onion on top, sprinkle with salt and pepper, add a couple pats of butter to the top. Wrap up in the foil tightly and cook over the fire on the cooking grate for approximately 30 to 45 minutes.


Easy camping recipe - 2 Ingredient Smores - Our favorite way to make smores while camping.


Fudge Stripe Cookies

Roast marshmallows over the fire, place between two fudge stripe cookies, and enjoy!


A Relaxing Hammock

With all the hiking, sightseeing, fishing and other adventures while camping it’s important to make a little time for relaxation too. We always take a hammock with us to rest and relax under the canopy of trees. Just close your eyes and listen to the window blow through the trees and the birds chirping, while curled up under a Bohemian Fiesta Blanket. Life doesn’t get much better than that!  

Relaxing in the hammock with a Bohemian Fiesta Blanket is our favorite way to spend time while camping when we aren't out exploring the trails. Lucky we had such a good spot to relax in Yosemite on our last trip.


Bohemian Fiesta Blankets

Speaking of Bohemian Fiesta Blankets, we always take a few with us when we go camping. These multipurpose blankets come in handy for not only hammock time, but also picnics while hiking, extra warmth in the tent or by the fire, or for the dog (he loves laying on them in the warm sunshine and under them when he’s cold!).

Our rescue pup loves to camp and enjoys curling up under a Mexican blanket when it's cold out or laying on top of one, basking in the sunshine when it's warm out.

 Get your Bohemian Fiesta Blanket here.


Flip Flops

Don’t forget a pair of flip flops on your next camping trip. They are perfect for those campgrounds that have showers or shower facilities nearby. They are also ideal for quick access out of the tent in the middle of the night when you need to use the restroom. You don’t want to be lacing up boots in the middle of the night when nature calls!

Always take a pair of flip flops camping. They come in handy for showers and when nature calls in the middle of the night. Or if you are like us you wear them anytime even while doing a little exploring!


Tent Rug / Welcome Mat

Keep dirt where it belongs, on the outside of your tent, with a rug or piece of carpet in front of your tent. It’s the perfect place to leave your boots and flip flops when you enter and exit the tent, or at least use it to wipe your feet as you enter so you track in a little less mess if you must bring your shoes inside.


Adult Wipes / Baby Wipes

It’s not always possible to get a shower or even a sponge bath every day while camping. That’s where adult wipes or baby wipes come in handy. We use them to wipe down in the morning and evening to help stay fresh between showers.


What are some of your favorite camping hacks? Share them with us below.



Our favorite camping hacks for the best camping trip ever. Pin now, read later.


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