Meet the Newest Addition to the Davis Taylor Family

Welcome the newest addition to the Davis Taylor family.

The last month has been an exciting one for us behind the scenes here at Davis Taylor Trading Company. We welcomed our son Jesse James, or JJ as we call him, to the world on August 10th, kicking off our greatest adventure to date.

As first-time parents we have had our hands full these last few weeks; Learning as we go how to take care of a little one and make time for sleep and somehow fit work and running this business into our new life. Not sure if anyone ever masters this thing called parenthood, but we are figuring it out little by little.

We are so excited to share our love for adventure and the outdoors with JJ as he grows up. Everything from camping in the same spots we did as kids, hiking mountain peaks, swimming at the beach and all the other fun stuff that makes a memorable childhood. Our first family road trip is planned for October when we will head up the Central Coast for a little fall adventure. Next year we will finally take our long awaited road trip from California to Oregon to visit Crater Lake and will most likely head all the way to Olympia National Park in Washington as well. If you’ve got tips for traveling with a baby drop them for us in the comments below!

Here’s a peak at some of Baby JJ’s adventures so far.

Baby JJ's first trip to the beach at 12 days old.

At just 12 days old Baby JJ had his first trip to the beach to celebrate his mommy’s birthday and even got to put his feet in the ocean for the first time. Waiting until just after sunset to take him for a walk, we strolled the boardwalk and stopped for pictures on the pier before heading down to the shoreline to stick our feet in the ocean together. It was his first outing, besides a trip to the doctors.


Baby JJ's first trip to Fairmount Park

When he was 3 weeks old Baby JJ went for first walk around Lake Evans in our home town of Riverside. He loves riding in his stroller and sleeps like a baby the whole time! 

Baby JJ also loves taking walks with us around the neighborhood in the evening after it cools off. Looking forward to a lot more walks as the weather cools off as fall arrives.

If you would like to follow along on my journey in motherhood check out my new blog You’ll find all things related to our adventures in parenthood here moving forward.

Peace, love, and freedom


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