5 California Christmas Decor Ideas

Are you California dreaming instead of dreaming of a white Christmas this year? Bring the casual cool style of California into your home over the holidays with our favorite California style Christmas decor ideas. Now you can channel warm sunny days no matter where you spend the holidays.


Blanket Tree Skirt

Traditional tree skirts can be so formal and stuffy. Keep things casual with a Bohemian Fiesta Blanket under the tree for a casual cool boho vibe. We are loving the Neon Candy blanket with candy apple green and hot pink stripes for a modern Christmas look that brings out your inner surfer.

Use a Mexican blanket as a tree skirt for a casual boho Christmas look - Davis Taylor Trading Co.



Eco-Friendly Fresh Pine Swag Wreath

This year we created a DIY wreath for the front door made from fresh pine tree clippings. Not only was the wreath DIY it was free to make! We gathered a few cuttings from the local Christmas tree farm (that were going in the trash anyway) and tied them together with festive ribbon left over from previous Christmases. So simple, yet so beautiful, in addition to being eco-friendly by reusing what would have otherwise ended up at the landfill.  To make this completely eco-friendly save the ribbon for next year and use the pine tree clippings in your fireplace as kindling when they have dried out. Reduce, reuse, recycle, that’s the California way!

Eco-Friendly & DIY Christmas Wreath Swag - Davis Taylor Trading Co.



Backyard Fire Pit

The holidays are a perfect time for festive backyard fire pits with family, friends, or just you and the one you love. A few months ago we built a fire pit in the backyard and love spending time outdoors roasting marshmallows around the fire. With the sun setting so early this time of year it is nice to have extra time for relaxing by the warmth of the fire glow. We love to add a Bohemian Fiesta Blanket to each chair around the fire pit for a festive look when entertaining, which does double duty as a shoulder wrap when it’s extra chilly outside.

Make Christmas memories with the family around the fire pit this year - Davis Taylor Trading Co.

Cozy Bohemian Fiesta Blankets are perfect around the fire pit - Davis Taylor Trading Co.




Candles are always perfect for creating a festive mood that’s warm and inviting. We love to use candles with a holiday scent to really get in the mood. They are also our go to on “no burn days” which happen more then we would like here in Southern California.

 Candles are perfect for warming things up when you don't have a fire place & on no burn days - Davis Taylor Trading Co


Living Christmas Tree

Instead of cutting down a tree, be a tree hugger this Christmas by getting a living Christmas tree. This eco-friendly option brings fresh air and life into the home for the holiday season. Just remember to place it by a sunny window and don’t forget to water it like any other house plant! We love a living Christmas tree because it can be used for years to come instead of thrown out after Christmas.

Be a tree hugger this year with a living Christmas tree for an eco-friendly Christmas - Davis Taylor Trading Co.


Back in our college days we had a tiny, potted Norfolk Pine one Christmas, which now has a home in the corner of our backyard. Decorated with a strand of lights and a few ornaments it makes a colorful display we can enjoy while sitting by the fire pit sipping cocoa.

All grown up - Our tiny living Christmas tree from college is now a full size tree in the backyard 15 years later! Davis Taylor Trading Co.


Share your Christmas decor ideas with us in the comments below!

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