2018 Travel Bucketlist

Love the start of the new year, dreaming about new adventures and new destinations. The wanderlust soul is never pacified. Adventure will always be on the mind. 

What’s on your travel bucket list for 2018? Are you traveling the world? (take us with you) Taking in the sights in your home state? (our plan too) Maybe a road trip across America? (want to do this so bad)

Here is our travel bucket list for the year ahead.



It’s been three years since our last visit to Yosemite and we are going again this year in May. Fingers crossed it doesn’t snow on us like it did last time. No matter how beautiful it is, a wet and muddy dog jumping in the tent on top of you to get out of the cold is never a good thing! 

Looking down onto Yosemite Valley from Glacier Point via Davis Taylor Trading Co.

 A dusting of snow along the mountain tops in Yosemite via Davis Taylor Trading Co.



Arizona & The Grand Canyon

With family nearby, we usually visit the Phoenix area a couple of times a year, but this year we hope to have take a little side trip to Prescott, Flagstaff, and possibly the Grand Canyon for a little sightseeing. It’s been a while since we’ve taken a detour while visiting Arizona.

Road trip through Arizona via Davis Taylor Trading Co.



395 Road Trip

No year would be complete for us with out at least one road trip up the 395. Some of our favorite spots in the world can be found off this road in the Eastern Sierra. Mammoth, Convict Lake, Bodie, Rock Creek, Lone Pine, the list goes on an on. Perfect for a three-day weekend road trip from Southern California. We hope to get in a few of these trips this year.

Enjoying the view while hiking in the John Muir Wilderness, Eastern Sierra, California via Davis Taylor Trading Co.

Sometimes the hardest trails have the biggest rewards. Hiking in John Muir Wilderness, Eastern Sierra, California via Davis Taylor Trading Co.



Oregon / Northern California Coast Road Trip

This trip was supposed to happen last year, but had to be postpone due to another commitment. We had some of the most amazing camping spots picked out for the trip and hope to be able to take it all in this year. The plan was to head north to Crater Lake first to explore for a few days and then cut across Southern Oregon towards Crescent City before making our way down the California Coast with stops in Humboldt and Bodega Bay. Fingers crossed we get it in this year.

Feeling so small among the giant redwoods via Davis Taylor Trading Co




Of course, there will be lots of day trips mixed in taking us to the beaches and mountains all over Southern California. We have already taken a day trip to Forest Falls for a little snow day and the beach so our pup Indy can play in the waves. It’s never a dull moment around here!

Enjoying a snow day with your best friend. One of life's simple pleasures. via Davis Taylor Trading Co.


Tell us about your 2018 travel plans. Where are you headed this year?

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